It’s a fact. Students who participate in school music programs have better attendance, make better grades, are more likely to attend college and have more lucrative careers than students who do not participate in school music programs.

Lead Guitar is a school music program with a 14 year track record of building permanent guitar programs in economically challenged public schools. Each year, Lead Guitar teaches more than 1,750 students to play and 50 public school teachers to teach guitar.

Using music and an instrument to which young people relate very well, Lead Guitar students learn technique, music reading, theory, performance skills and ensemble playing through which they develop their self-discipline, self-esteem and ability to work as a team - attributes that help them realize success throughout their lives.

By developing a program that mirrors the curricular integrity of the best band and orchestra programs but appeals to students that are not traditionally drawn to those programs, Lead Guitar is offering all of the benefits of a high quality instrumental music education to thousands of students who would otherwise not receive them.

Kim Witter

"I think the Lead Guitar Program is amazing. Kids who would never have access to learning a musical instrument are introduced to the classical guitar and the techniques that are required to play it. What my daughter got out of just one year in the program has been invaluable. She has a love for playing classical guitar that has opened her up to wanting to play other instruments. In her second grade class all the children started out with no previous knowledge of the guitar and by the end of the year they were playing Ode to Joy beautifully. This is a program that I feel should be in all the schools."

Kim Witter, parent of a child in the Bloom Elementary Program, Tucson, AZ